Gold Cap Shrooms: What You Need to Know

This golden cap shroom is most commonly referred to as Psilocybe cubensis and it’s the most common species of psychedelic mushrooms that exists. The reason is that Psilocybe cubensis is pretty easy to grow, especially for starters who want to grow without much knowledge about cultivating mushrooms. 

History of the Golden Cap Shroom

The first record of golden cap shrooms was done scientifically in 1906 by Franklin Summer Earle in Cuba. Golden cap shrooms also have other names that it’s being called; gold cap shrooms, golden tops, cubes, cubies, boomers, or gold caps. Cubensis means “coming from Cuba” in Latin.) It was also called Stropharia cubensis by one mycologist from Chicago. A year later, French pharmacist and mycologist Narcisse Théophile Patouillard who resided in northern Vietnam identified it again. Get the top magic shrooms in the entirety of Canada from us when you buy shrooms Canada at

Where does the Gold Cap Shroom Grow? 

Golden cap shrooms are known to be a dung-loving species because they often colonize the decay of plant-eating animals, for example, cows and goats. They thrive in tropical and subtropical regions, including countries like the United States, Mexico, Central, and South America, and the West Indies. They are known to thrive well when grown relatively at home, in a sterile environmental condition that’s around 75° Fahrenheit with a setup that of about a few hundred dollars or even less. 

Golden Cap Shroom Characteristics

Golden cap shrooms appear to be the largest of all psychedelic mushrooms. They got the names; “golden cap shrooms” or “gold cap shrooms” because their caps are more of a golden color. The umbrella-like caps are often dark brown in the center and possess a white ring along the perimeter. Their length can also range from about 1.5 – 8 centimeters; they also have smooth and navy blue color, which is how they are being identified by foragers. Their structure remains a very amazing one among all other species of magic mushrooms. You can explore the world of golden cap shrooms and feel another level of pleasure. Magic Mushrooms in Canada is here to provide you the best psychedelics, get your amazing trip started when you buy shrooms online at

Psychoactive Compounds in Gold Cap Shrooms

Not only does Psilocybe cubensis contain psilocybin, but it also has other components, although the main psychedelic compound present in the fungus is Psilocybe cubensis. Indeed, these mushrooms contain an array of other psychoactive molecules, which include psilocin, baeocystin, and norbaeocystin. The mutual interplay of these compounds and others present within the mushroom, all together contribute to its psychotropic effects. So, therefore, a similar effect like that of the “entourage effect” commonly known by all in the cannabis world, the experience of consuming a whole mushroom, contrary to synthetic psilocybin isolate (such as what’s often employed in clinical trials) can be significant. 

Gold Cap Mushroom Spores

Psilocybin spores are legal in the entire United States, except in three states: California, Idaho, and Georgia. Therefore, one can easily order gold cap mushrooms without any hitch or fear of being penalized in all states except those three, you can get good cap mushrooms from legitimate sites like Sporeworks, also from vetted vendors on Reddit. The famous gold cap mushroom spores you’ll see around are B+, Penis Envy, and Golden Teachers. Only the best psychedelics are available for sale here at Magic Mushroom Canada so buy shrooms Canada right now! 

How Many Gold Caps Should I Eat? 

To know the number of good cap mushrooms to consume depends on your level of experience tripping is. It also has to do with how deep you’re willing to go in the experience. A moderate dose is usually about one to three grams of the dried golden cap shrooms while a dose that is about four to seven grams is regarded as a hero dose.  That being said and done, every trip is different, likewise, individual differences exist. It’s more recommended that you start with a smaller dose and if you do not have profound experience as expected, wait some couple of hours after which you can take more doses. Also, you must make arrangements for a trip sitter, who is someone with adequate knowledge of psychedelic experience, who will be ready to hold space for you and provide support for you. The best way to gauge how much you take is to measure your dried mushrooms using a little scale. Especially if your purpose of taking psychedelics is in hope of seeking healing, you might want to go visit a vetted, legal retreat center. Ideally, the whole psychedelic experience shouldn’t last more than six to eight hours. 

How To Consume Golden Cap Mushrooms? 

The common practice among people that take psychedelic mushrooms is that they consume them whole or after they might have added it to something like peanut butter and jelly. It could also be steeped in tea—in a situation where the consumer would simply drink the tea and throw away the wet mushroom material. In another case, one may grind the mushrooms into powdery form and then turn them into capsules. In recent days, mushroom chocolates have also become famous among users as well as cooking with psilocybin. Making your trip pleasurable should never seem unachievable, buy shrooms online for yourself and your friends here at Magic Mushrooms Canada.

Why You Should Grow Your Mushrooms

Mushroom cultivation will save you money, offer peace of mind, and strengthen your connection to nature.

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