Milk Chocolate Crunch Magic Mushroom Bar (3000MG)


Milk Chocolate Crunch Magic Mushroom Bar

Total 3000MG of dried mushrooms

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Experience the fusion of decadence and mystique with our Milk Chocolate Crunch Chocolate Bar, artfully embedded with 3000mg of superior dried magic mushrooms. This gourmet delight combines the creamy richness of milk chocolate with the satisfying crunch of crispy rice, beautifully accentuated by the subtle undertones of our carefully selected psilocybin. Each piece invites you on a powerful, mind-expanding journey, fostering enhanced creativity, deeper introspection, and vibrant sensory experiences. Enjoy the luxury of premium chocolate while embarking on a spiritual voyage that transcends the ordinary. Remember to consume responsibly, mindful of the high psilocybin content.

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