Why You Should Grow Your Own Mushrooms

DIY mushroom cultivation will help save your money, it’ll offer you peace of mind, and also help you connect well with nature. Although, you can always choose to buy shrooms online especially with a trusted seller like Magic Mushrooms Canada.

World-renowned mycologist “Paul Stamets” gave a lecture, stating how the interest he has in psychedelics spurred him into studying mycology generally and its overall applications when it comes to remediating environments and even in medicine for treatments. Stamets gave a personal experience about how he overcame speech problems by consuming shrooms when he was 17 years old. Many who have tried psychedelics before can indeed owe an experience to shrooms because of the monumental effects psychedelics had on them by influencing their lives, beliefs, and even personalities. Buying mushrooms online has been made very easy with magic mushrooms Canada, just click here to buy shrooms Canada.

Synthetic psilocybin can only be accessible on legal terms to individuals who participate in research at highly respected universities like Johns Hopkins and Imperial College London. From historical time and even today, those seeking to know biological sources of psilocybin are left with three options:

  1. Home cultivation
  2. Foraging for wild species
  3. Getting the shrooms from someone who has either gone through option 1 or 2

Those magic mushrooms contain quite a number of some other potentially psychoactive compounds like baeocystin, norpsilocin, and norbaeocystin, all these three are found in wild and home-cultivated Psilocybe cubensis, also in a wide variety of other magic mushroom species. The experience you have eating them may not be the same as when a single source of synthetic psilocybin is used in clinical trials; however, there is probably a considerable overlap in their effect. With increasing interest in psychedelics in the world of academic, pharmaceutical, and even civilian sectors, many have stated their concerns around how to make sure equitable and fair access to psychedelics is a reality in the future. 

One solid way to ensure there is access for individuals to become psychedelically self-sufficient is by allowing them to grow psilocybin mushrooms at home. While under the law, such activity is at the moment illegal, but with Denver, Santa Cruz, and Oakland, psilocybin mushroom is already decriminalized. This means there is a greater hope that home cultivation for individual use may just be very possible very soon.

Home cultivation costs may indeed sound daunting, but a little knowledge of the process is fairly simple. Here, we’ll let you know how to grow your own to save both money and hassle that you use to buy shrooms Canada; we’ll expose you to the benefits you stand to gain with personal empowerment and the potential to build community.


If you’re purchasing magic mushrooms in the US, the price is about $35 per seven of an ounce or $10 for a gram. In Canada, the place where you find the first magic mushroom shops opening to people though not completely legal yet, those in ailing conditions like depression, anxiety, and some kind of cluster headaches can come together for registration to receive encapsulated microdoses of shrooms at a steep price per gram than those that are buying it illegally in the US.

By contrast, with just $15-$20, you can have magic mushroom spores which is the mycological equivalent of cannabis seeds, and with the proper knowledge and a few easily acquired pieces of equipment, you could be able to potentially produce over a 100 times the amount of mushrooms you would buy for the same price. There are indeed some additional set-up costs, it would cost you your money and time, some level of risk, but some smart underground growers of shrooms have devised a means of reducing these drawbacks by distributing them between a group of individuals that have the same vision and are trusted. This effectively helps set up self-sufficient magic mushroom collectives. Offers of psychedelics that won’t blow your budget are available, click here to buy shrooms online.

Safety and peace of mind

We owe it to past regressive drug laws for their excellent part in the job, interacting with drug dealers has never been interesting. Above that, mushrooms are somewhat easy to recognize, but there’s always that place of risk that your dealer hasn’t done well preparing them, or is probably trying to move some old stock that has forfeited all of its potency. By doing the growing of your shrooms by yourself, you take away any of these concerns and even get yourself the reward of peace of mind of taking shrooms that you’ve been in full control of producing.

What about foraging?

North America and Canada have an estimated 22 wild-growing hallucinogenic species. By extending the region to the Americans as a whole, the number will skyrocket to over 70. The immense distribution of these species seems to suggest that foraging could be rather suitable than home cultivation. However, when it’s about psychedelics of plant, either fungal or animal origin, for example, MDMA, 5-MeO-DMT, or LSD, the increased keenness in such substances poses more concerns over whether human-made habitats or the natural habitats in which they thrive will be accepted by a new era of psychedelic bioprospectors. 

Foraging for psychedelic fungi requires copious understanding, adequate practice, and confidence in your own abilities to decipher toxic lookalikes. Of course, it’s very possible to learn more using the help of more experienced foragers, home cultivation is inarguably a safer route for those just starting. 

Self-sufficiency and our connection to nature

Long before the publication of Michael Pollan’s widely-read How to Change your Mind, he was a successful food writer. Our attitudes towards psychedelics tilt in the same direction to his own reaction towards food, which involves themes around the ability of self-sufficiency; linking with process and tradition; raising community; and empowering others. 

With potentials rising for the supply chain of psychedelics to be fashioned after that of cannabis, the option of handing overproduction to large-scale professionals to grow the operations threatens psychedelics with becoming yet another commodity—rendering individuals as inactive consumers in the process.

In a secular sense, it can be debated that these historical traditions can be applied in the US as well. Dr. Joanna Steinhardt discovered during her Ph.D. studies that many nonprofessional American mycologists were exposed to the field through the growing of magic mushrooms, lauding Stamets’ testimonial. This further led to the creation of alliances of individuals who are like-minded beyond the academic institution and corporate settings, their focus wasn’t only on mycology and cultivation but cut across themes like preservation of ecology, sustainability, and non-hierarchical collective organization. Buy our magic mushrooms today by clicking here.

Such stories are becoming rapidly becoming commonplace as more people seek to find other means of living under capitalism. Magic mushroom growing in itself is a cluster of related DIY activities, which want to enable people to come out of their reliance on producer-consumer economics, by helping them pursue foraging, permaculture, homebrewing, beekeeping, and fermentation.

It’s apparent that there are financial benefits, but by rigorously engaging in the process of cultivating shrooms, it may become more possible to unravel something much greater within ourselves, allowing us to have a deeper appreciation for the overall contexts from which psilocybin and its related alkaloids are got from, but also the ability to form a deeper connection with nature and even our place in the world.

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